All you have in business is your reputation  - 
so it's very important that you keep your word.
- Richard Branson.

Tribetech's Key Elements


Created by people who understand that your business is only as good as your staff on any given day. So, what makes us tick? 3 components make up talent. Behaviour (culture) – skill and experience. Your staff – your greatest asset. The match – is the magic. It’s like baking a cake. Skill is your standard ingredient. Matching the culture – is your secret ingredient. With over 30 years of combined experience – your talent needs are in safe hands – with a team that has worked with Digital Giants – Multinationals and NGO’s across African continent.

People do business with people. Not their inbox. We partner with you in finding the solution you require. We prefer to talk to you.

If you want to catch a shark – don’t fish in a pond. Its knowing where great talent is – and understanding what channels are required to find them. Our speciality – our research. Great talent does not swim into the net. Talent is found. We call it our ‘pink unicorn’