Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from the recruiter?

As recruiters, we will contact you when a job arises which most suits your skill set and character. Tribetech may then ask for supporting documentation, such as qualifications etc. We will then require consent to send out your C.V. and info.

You will be given an awesome all-inclusive “Interview Toolkit” which will provide you with everything you will need to be at your best!
Tribetech will then keep you up to date with any proceedings and developments that take place. We encourage you to feel welcome to contact us, if you have any questions too. We want you to always feel confident, in yourself and in us!

What if two recruiters call about the same job?

If you have been contacted and or interviewed and then another person contacts you regarding the same position; we need you to please call us immediately.
If we contact you and you have already spoken to someone regarding the same position, you need to please inform us straight away.
This is to protect yourself and the company.

I know someone who might be just right for a position you have, what now?

Awesome! Give us a shout, or give your friend our details – we are always happy to meet new people and hopefully help them start a new journey.

Why should I meet you for a face-to-face interview?

Tribetech is different for a simple reason. We build lasting relationships with Clients and Candidates.
People work with people. People communicate with people.
We want to get to know you; your likes, dislikes, what cereal you eat and we want you to get to know us too!

Meet us for a coffee and let’s have a chat.

Does Tribetech let me know which companies have received my C.V.?

We are ALWAYS 100% upfront and honest. You will know, before your C.V. leaves our offices, who it is going to. We will discuss the company with you in your interview.

How regularly will you be in touch?

You can expect to be updated as and when we have any new info for you. Sometimes we’ll also just give you a shout to ask how your sore toe is feeling. We’re like that here.